Laurel was born and raised in Southern California, and spent much of her youth outdoors with her family at the coast, in the mountains, and at the family ranch in the foothills of the Sierras. From a young age she loved to draw and paint, and over the years honed her art skills with a BA in art from California State University, Long Beach, and with work as a textile weaver, a surface designer, and a graphic artist.  Since 2001 Laurel has made her home in Oregon, where she has focused on landscape oil painting.


In 2005 she was powerfully impacted by a Childe Hassam exhibit at the Portland Art Museum. Since then she has studied historical and contemporary painters, attended many painting workshops, and is passionate about painting in an expressive plein air style. Her inspiration is nature, preferring to paint from real life.


"My style of art is based on observation of nature, but is 'painterly' and 'impressionistic' in that objects and scenes are portrayed in bold brush strokes aimed at capturing light and creating a mood."


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